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Like you, I am very concerned with what is happening at our Public Schools.  We have a Behavior Crisis.  We have a Literacy Crisis.  There is serious work to do to get Public Education back on solid footing.  I will work to have the voices of all concerned heard.

A longtime local leader and 20 year teacher at Madison Elementary, I am proud of my history of political independence, collaboration, and honest public discourse to solve problems.  This is exactly what we need right now.  My strong working knowledge of Education and Local Governance make me the candidate you can count on to ask important, practical questions and bring an understanding of the realities of classroom teaching.

I will visit all our schools to see what is really working.  I'll attend PTO/PTA meetings and keep in touch with parents.  I'm happy to hold monthly listening sessions at Your Award Winning Public Library to hear from everyone in the community.  

I know the partisan divisiveness emerging in local politics is a diversion preventing local governmental bodies from getting their actual work done.

There is no more important work than a quality Public Education.

I promise to work with EVERYONE to make the MPSD once more a place where parents want to send their children and teachers and staff are proud to say they work.  You deserve nothing less than representation on the School Board that will listen to you and hold Public Discussions to find Solutions to Difficult Problems.  My goal is simply a better MPSD for everyone.  

Email me with any questions or concerns ( ).  If you'll allow it, I'll post my response right here so everybody can read it.  I don't believe in different answers for different people so I'm happy to put everything right here!  


As these come along, I'll post details here

Possible Forum Hosted by LWV and Lincoln High School Students!

LHS Auditorium,  March 8th, 7 PM

Day 2

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Day 3

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 Looking for DONATE or JOIN THE CAMPAIGN buttons to click?

There aren't any!  I'm against the grotesque politicization and monetization of Non-partisan local offices.  I won't be asking for money from special interest groups.  Of course, if you want to contribute, I'll use your money along with mine to spread the word.  I've filed as exempt from Campaign Finance Reporting because I won't take or spend ridiculous amounts of money.   School Board races should not be decided on the basis of who has spent the most money to get elected.  I suspect that's only going to get you the worst Board members.  So, from me, you can expect 

No  Ads

No Signs

Of course, if you have an Elect Able sign in your garage or basement, you can still put it out.  I do appreciate that support.  The best way to support my candidacy is simply to tell a friend!  Of course, I'll be coming around door-to-door and look forward to hearing your thoughts.

I am so grateful for the outpouring of support and the strong interest in displaying yard signs to help me get on the School Board.  So I'm retracting the No Signs promise and will be getting some made up soon.  Call or email if you want one.  I'm hoping they go into the ground (weather permitting) about a Month before the election.  Thank you for your interest, support, and enthusiasm!